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QUERY: An agriculturist sold his agriculture land to an infrastructure company for the commercial project after obtaining permission from the Collector under section 63 of the Bombay Agriculture & Tenancy Act. The sale deed was executed for agriculture land as per jantri value mentioning order number of Collector. One of the conditions of the order was that the stamp duty would be payable as per N.A land. Now the assessee has executed sale deed for agriculture land as per jantri value. The Assessing Officer has passed the order making addition of difference value of Rs. 90/- lakh as per non agriculture under section 50(C); though the assessee has executed sale deed for agriculture land. Whether action of Assessing Officer is right?
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S. 50C is clear that this section is applicable to all kinds of land, whether agricultural [other than land situated in area stated in clause (iii) of section 2(14)] or non- agricultural. Therefore, action of the Assessing Officer is right in making addition of difference in value of land as per stamp duty value over Jantri value.