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Cash credits – Share application money – Violation of principles of Natural Justice

QUERY: When a closely held company receives share application money with premium in A.Ys. 2009-10, 2010-11 & 2011-12, he files Form 2, confirmation, address, PAN, bank account details etc during the course of assessment. AO doubts the capacity of share applicants and adds back u/s. 68 based on statement recorded of accommodation entry provider to share applicants. Assessee company asked for a copy of statement recorded and cross examination of entry provider, which was not provided by the AO. Please also refer proviso to section 68. Is the assessment valid.
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Assessment is not valid, as it violates the principles of natural justice. The Supreme Court in R. B. Shreeram Durga Prasad v. Settlement Commission [176 ITR 169] has held that the order made in violation of principles of natural justice is void and nullify.

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