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QUERY: NRI (US citizen) wants to sell his ancestral property. Can the said sale proceeds be transferred from India directly or any RBI permission will be required?. At what rate TDS deductible by purchaser? Whether it would be 30% of sale consideration or 30% of LTCG,
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As per Regulation 6 of Foreign Exchange Management (Remittance of Assets) (Amendment) Regulations 2014, dated October 31, 2014 the NRI / POI has been permitted to remit not exceeding US$ 2.5 lakhs per financial year of balance held in NRO accounts or sale proceeds of assets or sale proceeds of assets acquired in India by way of inheritance / legacy without prior permission of RBI. If the remittance is in relation to sale proceeds of immovable property the condition is that the property or deposit cumulatively must have been held for a period of ten years.