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Can An Existing Firm Claim Deduction u/s 35AD For Set Up Of New Hospital?

QUERY: The assessee is a partnership firm carrying on medical profession. At present it is carrying on Gynic Branch only for the last several years. It decided to set up 200 bedded multi-specialty hospital and accordingly started the project in May, 2012 under the same partnership firm as a separate unit in order to avail under section 35AD @ 150% of eligible capital expenditure:

(a) Whether this unit can claim deduction under this section though the place of business and the nature of services will be different? No old machinery etc. will be transferred to new building/unit.

(b) Whether the income of both the units owned by the firm will be consolidated for the purpose of applicability of section 115JC or separate treatment?

(c) Can there be any difficulty to claim deduction under section 35AD in case if old unit (Gynic) is also shifted to new Hospital? The new unit may start operation by April-May, 2015.
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Yes, the partnership firm can claim deduction under section 35AD @ 150% on capital expenditure incurred for setting up and operating hospital anywhere in India with more than 100 beds for patients

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