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Whether Installment Received Of Money Back Policy Is Liable To Tax?

QUERY: Mr. X has purchased single premium money back plan of LIC; called New Bima Bachat Policy. Sum assured is Rs. 7,00,000/-. He has paid a single premium of Rs. 5,59,843/-. He will be getting Rs. 1,05,000/- as survival bonus after every three years from LIC during the span of 15 years and there after the sum assured with Bonus on maturity.

The survival bonus and sum assured with bonus, receivable during the life time of Mr. X, is taxable in his hands as there is no exemption available as per the provisions of section 10 (10D) of the Income tax Act. There will be TDS also on this amount. Mr. X has not claimed deduction under section 80C on this premium paid, which in any case would have been Rs. 70,000/- only.

In this connection, the following questions arise:

1. Is there any specific provision under the Income tax Act by which this amount is taxed under the head “Income from other sources”?

2. Is it possible to show the income under head Capital Gain?

3. Is there any provision to claim the investment made in the policy as cost against the survival benefits?

4. If yes then how the same is to be claimed i.e. can one claim the cost by dividing it against the survival benefit receivable after every three years and then pay tax on entire amount received on maturity.

5. If the investment made is not allowed to be deducted from the survival amount receivable, will it not be unconstitutional as this will amount to taxing gross receipt and not income.
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From the facts, it is clear that Mr. X has taken money back insurance policy called as New Bima Bachat Policy. As per the terms of the said policy, it is a single premium payment policy, where sum assured will be paid back to the policy holder in the form of survival benefit periodically.

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