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Whether For Disallowance U/s. 40(a) Only Amount Payable At The End of the Year To Be Considered?

QUERY: Does the judicial precedent in case of Special Bench Merilyn Shipping & Transport [136 ITD 23 (JB)] still hold good on the issue of paid or payable?
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Yes, recently the Mumbai Tribunal in Jitendra Mansukhlal Shah Vs. DCIT [ITA Nos 2293 & 2294/Mum/2013 dated March 04,2015] has held that, the assessee having made the payment, section 40a(ia) cannot be attracted because it speaks of the amount “payable” and it does not cover the amount already paid. The ITAT Chennai Benches have taken into consideration the decision of the ITAT Special Bench in Merilyan Shipping & Transport (supra),

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