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Presumptive taxation- Profits & gains of business on presumptive basis

QUERY: A firm carrying of eligible business having an annual turnover of ₹ 1.25 crore declares income from business as per accounts at ₹ 13 lakhs which is higher than the deemed income of ₹ 10 lakhs u/s. 44AD.
Can such firm claim deduction from its income on account of remuneration/ interest to partners?
One possible interpretation is that it is only when income as per accounts is less than deemed income of 8% and the assessee returns income at 8% the firm will not be allowed to claim such deduction. To put it differently, when income declared is more than 8% (as in the above example), benefit of deduction u/s. 40 (b) would be available.
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The presumptive scheme of taxation has been introduced for sparing the small assessee from need for compulsory maintenance of accounts u/s. 44AA and tax audit under section 44AB.

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