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Capital gains – Profit on sale of property used for residence – Redevelopment – Consideration in the form of corpus .[S. 2(47) & S. 54 / S. 54F]

QUERY: In case of redevelopment of property the consideration takes in the form of corpus, which is a real cash inflow and fair market value of the property to be developed, which is a deemed consideration for the purpose of exchange. Thus, there is exchange of property. Now, the question is in which year capital gain arises and when can exemption be claimed either under Section 54 or under section 54F?
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In case of development of property the capital gain arises as per terms of the agreement. Generally, the agreement provides that the developer has right to enter and construct on the land of owner and owner parts with land only on receipt of certain portion of building to be constructed. Till then possession of land is not parted with. In such case, the amount received is to be treated as advance.

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