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Penalty – Takes or accepts any loan or deposit – Farmer’s co-op. society

QUERY: A farmer's co-op. society, situated in a remote area which works for the benefit of farmers such as to get them seeds, fertilizers etc., the society received some amounts from some members as cash deposits exceeding ` 20,000/- which were subsequently repaid by account payee cheques by the society.
The case was under scrutiny for the A.Y. 2010-11, the Assessing Officer did not discuss anything or issue any notice to the assessee till the order passed under Section 143(3) on March 01, 2013. The Joint Commissioner of Income tax thereafter issued notice under Section 271D of the Act, on January, 2014 i.e., after 11 months.
The objection was taken for the proceedings as barred by limitation as per provision of Section 275(1)(c) of the Act along with the submission but the penalty under Section 271D of the Act was levied and order was passed. Whether JCIT was justified?
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Under Section 271, recording of satisfaction before initiation of penalty in the course of proceedings is a condition precedent for imposition of penalty for specified defaults. Under Sections 271D and 271E there is no such requirement of recording of satisfaction in the course of any proceeding

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