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Whether PAN Is Required For Non-Resident, When Income Is Not Chargeable In India?

QUERY: A Ltd. appoints a commission agent in UK for getting export orders for garments. The commission agent does not have any office in India and has produced a tax residency certificate. The commission agent does not have a PAN. Whether by virtue of section 206AA tax has to be deducted even though under the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement the business profits are not taxable in the absence of a permanent establishment in India.
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The Supreme Court in GE India Technology Centre Pvt. Ltd. [327 ITR 456] has held as under:

“The most important expression in section 195(1) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 dealing with deduction of tax at source consists of the words “chargeable under the provisions of the Act”. A person paying interest on any other sum to a non-resident is not liable to deduct tax if such sum is not chargeable to tax under the Act. Section 195 contemplates not merely amounts,

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