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Whether Benefit Of Section 54F Is Available Of HUF Invest In The Name Of Co-parcener?

QUERY: A HUF was having a house property which was let out and rent was charged under the head ‘Income from House Property’ on which tax was paid. The said property was sold for Rs. 30/- lakhs which the HUF wants to invest in the name of coparcener (daughter). Whether HUF is entitled to get benefit under section 54F of the Income-tax Act, 1961 as coparcener is a part of the HUF?
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According to me no benefit would be available to the HUF if it invests in the name of coparcener. Under section 2 (31) read with section 4 the HUF as well as coparcener are separate assessable entities. This view is supported by the decision of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Nagpur Bench in ITO vs. Prakash Timaji Dhangode [258 ITR (AT) 114], where the Tribunal has held as under:

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