Year: 2016

Bombay High Court Slams Advocates For Citing Wrong Judgements & Misleading It

The Bombay High Court has come down heavily on the tendency of lawyers of citing judgements without bothering to check whether those are still good law. The Court has warned that this unhealthy tendency shakes the confidence that the Court has in the lawyers

Lawyers Should Learn How To Argue Matters From Chidambaram: CJI Thakur

Eminent Jurist and former Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, came in for rich praise from Hon’ble Chief Justice of India T. S. Thakur

Top Eminent Lawyers Charge Fees Of Rs. 1 Lakh (Per Hour)

Eminent lawyers are now charging fees of upto Rs. 1 lakh per hour according to a report in Bloomberg

Tributes By Eminent Legal Luminaries To Tax Titan Chief Justice

Eminent legal luminaries like Shri. S. E. Dastur, Shri. N. M. Ranka, Dr. K. Shivaram and others from across the Country have paid their tributes to late Shri. S. H. Kapadia, the former Chief Justice of India, for his stellar contribution to the development of law and justice

Demise Of Tax Titan Chief Justice, Avid Reader Of The AIFTP Journal, Leaves A Void

While there were several facets to the personality of late Shri. S. H. Kapadia, the former Chief Justice of India, one unknown facet is his fascination for the AIFTP Journal and his affection towards the ITAT Bar Association. The late Jurist was also vocal in his insistence that members of the legal fraternity should put “Duty to the Country” above everything else