Eminent Jurist Quits Legal Practice After Alleged ‘Humiliation’ By Chief Justice

An eminent senior advocate has quit legal practice after he was reprimanded by the Supreme Court for allegedly raising his voice whilst arguing and felt “humiliated

Eminent Jurist Rajeev Dhavan is no stranger to controversy.

He is known for his temperamental outbursts and for getting into verbal duels with the Bench.

Bench threatens to withdraw Rajeev Dhavan’s designation of senior advocate

On an earlier occasion, Rajeev Dhavan had allegedly misbehaved in Court.

Upon this, the then Chief Justice of India, TS Thakur, had lamented that some senior advocates behave “discourteously” with the Bench and warned that the Court would “seriously consider withdrawing the senior designation of such lawyers”.

However, Rajeev Dhavan was not cowed down by the threat from the Court to strip him of the prestigious designation.

Instead, he launched a counter attack.

It is the duty of a lawyer to tell the judge where there is a failure of justice and due process … justice is not a cloistered virtue and must suffer the scrutiny of ordinary persons … People in high places have enormous power and the duty to use it wisely is forbearance,” the Jurist said even as he criticized Chief Justice Thakur for “uncharitable comments”.

JS Khehar was “arguably one of the worst Chief Justices of India

Upon the retirement of Chief Justice JS Khehar, Rajeev Dhavan launched a vicious attack in which he described the learned judge as “weak” and “the worst Chief Justice”.

He also alleged that the learned judge had stated that his expertise was limited to service law and that he had no expertise in other laws.

sirf ek field aati thi, usme main sab kuch bata sakta tha, baki kuch nahi aata tha,” the learned judge is alleged to have stated.

On his own candour, he was not fit to be appointed a high court judge and should have been appointed chairman of a service tribunal. As CJI, Khehar’s basic depth in law was wanting,” Rajeev Dhavan stated.

Other eminent advocates criticize Rajeev Dhavan for attack on Chief Justice

Rajeev Dhavan’s attack on the judiciary did not go down well with other Advocates.

RS Suri, the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, condemned Rajeev Dhavan for the “scathing, vituperous, scurrilous and personal attack” on the learned former Chief Justice.

A judge is a sitting duck and not in a position to respond. In such circumstances, it becomes duty of the Bar to set out objective facts for the appreciation of the discerning and mature readers,” Suri said and gave reasons why Dhavan’s assessment of Khehar was flawed.

Raising voice whilst arguing shows incompetence”: Chief Justice Dipak Misra raps Rajeev Dhavan

In the latest incident, Chief Justice Dipak Misra reprimanded Rajeev Dhavan for raising his voice whilst arguing.

Raising voices will never be tolerated. Argue on legal principles. Raising voice shows incompetency not worthy of senior lawyers,” the learned Chief Justice said.

When the Bar fails to regulate them, we will be compelled to regulate,” the judge threatened.

I give up Court practice but will keep the senior counsel gown for memory

Rajeev Dhavan has addressed a letter to Chief Justice Dipak Misra in which he has stated that “After the humiliating end to the Delhi case, I have decided to give up court practice”.

However, he pleaded to be allowed to keep his senior gown for “memory of services rendered”.

You are entitled to take back the Senior gown conferred on me, though I would like to keep it for memory and services rendered,” the Jurist said.

Rajeev Dhavan Dipak Misra Letter
(Credit: barandbench.com)

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2 comments on “Eminent Jurist Quits Legal Practice After Alleged ‘Humiliation’ By Chief Justice
  1. sriram says:

    Why should he send a letter to CJI
    It is enough he does not appear in any cases. Only for propoganda he is sending letter

  2. Dipakkumar Shah says:

    It is like saying King Can do no wrong. This reminds me my own case in Hon. Gujarat High Court. It was during the Oral question about my qualification. I never said and represnted that I am appearing As A .. at all . Hon The Then Justice D H Vaghela & Justice Mr N V Anjaria Bench in my case Immeidately started dictating the order without any hearing of fraud in the case. Imposed cost of Rs 5000 !!!

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