Year: 2018

Nani Palkhivala Did Not Accept Me As A Junior: Eminent Jurist Soli Dastur Reminisces His Life & Career

SE Dastur

S. E. Dastur, Sr. Advocate, has written a fascinating autobiographical article in which he has reflected on all the key events of his illustrious career spanning over 60 years, including the fact that the great Nani Palkhivala had “rejected” him as junior. The initial disappointment turned out to be a blessing in disguise, Mr. Dastur says

Threat To Harish Salve’s Life Is Act Of Cowardice: Experts

Eminent Jurist Harish Salve, who won the affection of the Nation for his heroic efforts in saving Kulbushan Jadhav from death at the hands of Pakistan, is now facing death threats from his own countrymen

Eminent Jurist Retracts Decision To Quit Practice After “Humiliation” To “Repay Debt” To Judicial System

An eminent jurist who had made the shocking announcement that he is quitting court practice after alleged ‘humiliation’ by the Chief Justice has thankfully retracted his decision. The retraction is because he “owes a lot to the Supreme Court and the judicial system and has not repaid the debt

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