Harish Salve Wins Accolades For Spirited Defense Of Kulbhushan Jadhav

Harish Salve, the Chartered Accountant cum Advocate, has brought pride to both professions. He has shown his competence by expertly arguing before the ICJ against the death sentence awarded to Kulbhushan Jadhav and proved his nobility by not charging any fees for that service

Harish Salve launches spirited defense

Harish Salve has been an inspiring figure for all professionals. However, few have had the opportunity to see how he performs in Court.

Fortunately, young professionals wanting to know how legendary lawyers argue matters in Court can listen to the arguments of Harish Salve before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and imbibe the qualities there from.

Salve made ten cogent points before the ICJ. He spoke in a slow and measured manner, ensuring that the learned judges are able to grasp each point before moving on to the next.

His arguments have ben nicely summed up by news18.com:

(i) The proceedings are farcical and an unjust trial by a Pakistani military court in egregious violation of the rights of consular access has led to serious miscarriage of justice;

(ii) An innocent Indian national has been incarcerated in Pakistan for more than a year on concocted charges. He is deprived of his rights and protection accorded under the Vienna Convention. He has been held incommunicado… and faces imminent execution;

(iii) Pakistan has repeatedly denied consular access to India and no document of Jadhav’s trial process was given by Islamabad;

(iv) All requests for consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav have fallen on deaf ears;

(v) Human rights which are treated as basics in other civilized countries have been thrown to the wind by Pakistan;

(vi) Jadhav was framed on confessional statements extracted from him when he was in Pakistan’s military custody;

(vii) Jadhav has been denied his right to seek legal counsel. There is an immediate threat to him to be executed even before a judicial decision is passed;

(viii) Pakistan has not provided the charge sheet, evidence or materials presented against Jadhav in the case despite repeated requests by consular officers;

(ix) Jadhav has neither consular access nor legal representation even at this stage. It’s not known if Jadhav will seek clemency in Pakistan court. Pakistan will be guilty of war crimes if ex-Navy officer is hanged;

(x) Visa application filed by Kulbhushan Jadhav’s parents is still pending with the Pakistani authorities.

Citizen’s appreciate Harish Salve’s efforts

Harish Salve’s masterly arguments before the ICJ drew praise from citizens of all walks of life.

Pakistan claims “confession” by Kulbhushan Jadhav led to his conviction

Pakistan put up the preposterous defence before the ICJ that Kulbhushan Jadhav’s guilt was proved because he “confessed” to the alleged crime.

Even a rookie lawyer who is still wet behind the ears knows that a so-called “confession” extracted from an accused in custody and under duress is never admissible as evidence.

Such “confessions” can never be termed “voluntary” and used as a basis to convict a person to any offence, leave alone a death sentence.

Naturally, the ICJ rubbished the claim of Pakistan and refused to take the so-called confessional video on record.

Pakistan complains of “ambush” by India

The Pakistani defence was clearly in disarray. They pleaded for an adjournment and complained that they had been “ambushed” by India.

This is a frivolous contention and appears to be a last-ditch attempt to salvage the situation.

Harish Salve and Arnab Goswami rightly ridiculed the contention.

Harish Salve charges fee of Rs. 1

Harish Salve’s noble act of charging a token fee of only Rs. 1 for defending Kulbhushan Jadhav endeared him to all citizens.

This is especially important because he is under no compulsion to work for free. The Government would have unhesitatingly paid him his full fee for the matter.

Comparison with Ram Jethmalani’s fee of Rs. 4 crore for defending Arvind Kejriwal

Some citizens drew an unfortunate comparison between Harish Salve’s act of waiving his fee and that of Ram Jethmalani charging Rs. 4 crore for defending Arvind Kejriwal in the defamation suit filed against him by Arun Jaitley.

The unfortunate aspect is both luminaries, Arvind Kejriwal and Ram Jethmalani, adopted a belligerent stance when questioned as to why the “Aam Aadmi” of Delhi was being made to foot the mind-boggling fee.

Arvind Kejriwal claimed that he is a “poor” man and cannot afford to pay legal fees and that the public has to foot the bill.

Ram Jethmalani Fees

(Image credit: Faking News)

Ram Jethmalani initially claimed that his fees are reasonable and that he had given a “discount” to Arvind Kejriwal. Later, he claimed that the opposition against his fees was orchestrated by the political parties.

Fortunately, after the Indian Express and other press reports raised a hue and cry and pointed out that the fee payable to Ram Jethmalani would meet the expenses on paying salaries and pensions to hundreds of school teachers, better sense prevailed and Ram Jethmalani agreed to consider Arvind Kejriwal a “poor client” and argue the defamation matter for free.

Citizens heave a sigh of relief

Both living legends of the law have caused the citizens of the Country to heave a sigh of relief, although in different ways!

CA Vellalapatti Swaminathan Iyer, Hyderabad

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23 comments on “Harish Salve Wins Accolades For Spirited Defense Of Kulbhushan Jadhav
  1. Krishna Patil says:

    We all salutes Harish Salve’s noble battle.

  2. Krishna Patil says:

    We all Indian’s proud of Mr.Harish Salve

  3. Krishna Patil says:

    We all salutes Harish Salve’s noble battle to fight for the justice of Mr.Kulbhusan Jadhav

  4. nimish Shah says:

    True Indian salutes Harish Salve

  5. malay chaturvedi says:

    Rs.1 /- fees , tribute to nation by a lawyer.



  7. CA Suniiel R Karbhari Pune says:

    To read and hear about CA and Advocate Harish Salve’s noble battle to fight for the justice of Mr.Kulbhusan Jadhav, is proud movement for all Indian Chartered Accountants .
    Hats off to him.

  8. Pakistan failed obviously more than india’s ‘great’ stand, as Pak lies did not convince Mr Ron president of ICJ is my view, any way, some credit obvious to Harish Salve.

    in fact the Jhadav issue need to be handled by Pak civil criminal judiciary not by Pak Army court marshal procedure. so it is clear Pakistan didn’t handle the issue in a right way as india handled on Ajmal Kasab issue;

    Pakistan kidnapped Jhadhav in Iran so how can pak prove jhadav a spy, on pak in iran?

  9. CA VINOD SHAH says:


    • Sriram says:

      Lol!! Its not CA Advocate Harish Salve. Read it as Advocate Salve who is incidentally a CA too.!!

  10. SATISH TANDON says:

    CA and Advocate Harish Salve Ji, I am very very happy that
    in India we still have such good souls like you. Now please take steps to spread purity in Indian politics also. We all Chartered Accountants and other professionals are with you.
    kind regards
    satish tandon
    Chartered Accountant

  11. neville jal chinoy says:


  12. CA Bikas Chandra Saha says:

    Sir HARISH SALVE we salute you. We are proud of you.
    Sir,you are the man who can save Kulbhushan Jadhav.

  13. NITIN KHARADE says:


  14. Suhail Siddiqui says:

    Sh. Harish Salave Proved in all manner.

  15. N. Devanathan says:

    The advocates community had played major role in our independence. The genetic blood is always injected on advocates for any sacrifice of our mother country’s welfare

    • Ranganathan says:

      Mr. Harish you are a true Indian to have come forward and fight against the unlawful Pakistan. Your efforts and contributions to Indians at large will be remembered forever. May God bless you and your family.

  16. CA Rajkamal Shah says:

    Great job by Salve Sir, salute to him.

  17. Gaurav says:

    He also saved salman khan. Salute to him.

  18. J P Shah says:

    CA Salve,

    Great Job.

    No words to express.

    CA J P Shah

  19. Vishwas Kanade says:

    Very Proud of you Advocate Salve ji. A rare personality in the Legal Profession.


    We are proud of CA HARISH SALVE, A former Chartered Accountant in Practice.

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